Section XVII - Appendix B - Definitions


  • Selector purchases new materials as available.

Developed and Maintained

  • Selector purchases new materials as available and keeps existing material usable and in good repair.

Heavily Developed and Maintained

  • Selector actively seeks to purchase new titles and keeps existing titles usable and in excellent repair.


  • Selector keeps collection static, replaces only worn or damaged items. Does not pursue new titles.

Minimally Developed

  • Selector spends little time and effort on development.

Not Developed

  • Selector spends no time and no money on development.


Mature Collection

  • Materials are not current, but information does not change over time. Requires regular updating, rather than active development to keep collection maintained.

Material Collections

  • Organization of library materials into separate collections grouped by similar characteristics such as Fiction , Nonfiction, Videocassettes, Books-on-tape, etc.


Collection Development Policy
Re-Adopted September 24, 2012